Depression Is “Fine.” Remember That Time You Asked?

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Have you ever wondered why depression is so hard to see?  It is because depression can be extraordinarily quiet.  It has perfected the art of camouflage and deceit.  You can sit in the same room as depression and never even know it’s there.  It is buried beneath the soft smiles and brave faces of the ones we love.  It blends in with the heroic souls who make the effort to show up day after day, never once whispering depression’s name.  It is illusive, but if you do happen to catch its shadow out of the corner of your eye, don’t believe it when it tells you that it is fine.  Depression would rather show you its finest armor than reveal the truth behind the hidden cracks within.

If you have ever lived with depression, you know that it is uncomfortably heavy.  It is an unwelcome weight against your chest, a damp and foul burden pushing down until you feel its hot, sour breath against your cheek.  Depression is hungry.  It will feed on every last drop of your pain until you are left a hollowed out shell of your former self.  Then it will demand more, and you will give it.  Depression will steal your voice, distort your words, and work tirelessly to convince the world that you are doing fine in spite of it.

Depression hides in the shadows, and thrives on secrets and solitude.  It shies away from love, light, and the power of compassion.  When you share your story, there is power behind your words.  You breathe life into your journey and invite those who are listening with open hearts to lend you their courage and strength while you heal.

For those who have felt the terrifyingly intimate embrace of depression, there may be days that are so deceptively dark that you will forget that you once knew light, but from them you will learn to see with your heart and lead with your soul.  You will feel the strain in your muscles as you drag your burden from one day to the next, but you will build strength and courage with each step you take.  Use those gifts to carry you through until the day you feel your shoulders relax and the knot in your chest begin to loosen.

The next time someone asks how you are, don’t let depression answer for you.  Depression does not deserve to be fine.  It is not worthy of the effort it takes to disguise its burdensome weight.  Instead, take depression’s power away and say, “The truth is I’m not okay, and today I could really use your help.”  ❤



22 thoughts on “Depression Is “Fine.” Remember That Time You Asked?

  1. I totally dumped on my bff today. I may have a touch of post-partem. It could just be the lack of sleep, but things are sucky a lot of the time these days. Just talking to her about it helped. Not exactly what you’re talking about here, but what I mean to say is, “I feel ya. And thanks for writing this.”

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    1. Well, that is part of what I’m talking about. Depression doesn’t have to be big and defined, it is definitely also the days that drag us down and hold us under for a while. I’m so glad that you reached out and talked to your friend. We really do tend to hold everything in sometimes rather than reach out and admit that things aren’t as perfect as we think they are supposed to be. Sometimes if we don’t think there is a good concrete reason for feeling depressed, we are less likely to share how we are feeling with others. I hope you continue to reach out and talk, because it sounds like you could use someone to lean on right now. I am sending lots of hugs your way. ❤


      1. I agree.
        I hope you continue to get more sleep. That is so important! It affects everything!
        Please keep talking to your friend as often as you need to. Going through the newborn stage is incredibly hard. It isn’t all unicorns and rainbows. Sometimes it’s just downright hard! Xo

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    1. You’re right. A lot of the time when people ask how you are, they aren’t really looking for a deep and meaningful answer. It is more of a polite courtesy than an actual invitation to talk.

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